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Spring Makeup Tips To Get You Ready For Warmer Seasons

Spring Makeup Tips To Get You Ready For Warmer Seasons

Warmer weathers and longer days are cause for celebration - and a great excuse to update your makeup look for spring (especially if those darker eyeshadow and lip colours are beginning to look a little boring). Making a new start doesn’t always happen at the new year - so if you’re planning on spring cleaning your home, why not your cosmetics bag, too?  Plus - once you’ve made space, it’s the perfect opportunity to go shopping for something like a gorgeous eyeshadow palette or a lipstick in a bright, juicy shade. With so many fresh new trends coming our way, there’s no better time to give yourself a fresh new spring makeup look.

Out with the Old

Makeup has an expiry date - so if that ancient compact powder is making you break out, it could be to blame. Different formulations have different expiration dates, so to help you identify what to throw (and what to include in your spring makeup collection), here’s a quick guide, from shortest to longest:

3-6 Months

If clumpy mascaras, liquid eyeliners and fading eyeshadow are still cluttering up your makeup bag, it’s time to throw them out (top tip: if you have an old eyeshadow palette with a mirror, here’s a few fun ways to recycle it).

Expired eye makeup can be especially perilous to apply near your eyes, increasing the risk of infections such as styes. If in any doubt at all, don’t bother sanitising them - just throw them out.

1-2 Years

You might not think so, but lipsticks are only meant to last a year - so if yours has already had its trip round the sun, it’s time for a replacement. Other products, such as foundation, bronzer, concealer, pencil eyeliner, blush and  lip pencil are all meant to last up to two years.

The same applies to nail polish, but since this isn’t applied directly to the skin, you have a little more wiggle room (old polishes can be revived using a drop of nail polish remover - but throw the really clumpy ones out).

Spring Clean your Cosmetics

Before you go in search of your next purchase, it’s time to make some space:

  1. Start with a clean slate by cleaning and sanitising everything: empty out your cosmetics bag into a separate container and pop in in the wash.
  2. Next (if you haven’t already done so), wash your brushes - this should be something you do at least weekly to keep bacteria at bay.
  3. Take the “keepers” amongst your makeup products and clean and sanitise them using a fresh cloth or paper towel and a dab of isopropyl alcohol (in a pinch, hand sanitiser will do).
  4. You use this on exposed lipsticks (before wiping clean on a tissue).
  5. Isopropyl alcohol can also be used on eyelash curlers (take care to remove any residue so it doesn't get on your eyes and let dry for 24 hours so it doesn’t come into contact with your eyes).
  6. You can then sharpen your pencils, wipe around any other containers (avoid putting your fingers in any cream or gel products as this can spread bacteria and germs).


Great makeup looks start with great skincare - but what works well in winter might not work as well come springtime, so consider giving your routine a little update by switching to lighter formulas and buffing away dry skin (try using gentle fruit acid exfoliants rather than harsh scrubs, as these are less damaging)

Whatever your skin type, an SPF is a must all year round (use bronzers for a safe way to get a glow) - helping to protect your skin from the sun and slow the progress of things like wrinkles and fine lines. Also remember: topical treatments are only half the job: the rest is good nutrition, sleep and hydration - so if you’ve been putting off those healthy habits, now is a great time to start.


Everything seems lighter in spring: the days, the colours … So why not match your makeup? Just as you’d switch from heavier, woodsy or musky fragrances in winter to fresher aquatics and florals, why not take the same approach with your makeup?

If you’ve been using a heavy foundation all winter, you don’t necessarily have to put it into storage: mixing with a moisturiser can help to create a lighter, more wearable formula for those warmer months. You can also adapt your winter moisturiser for spring and summer by adding a few drops of pigment if it’s too light - or even facial self tanner.

If all that sounds like a lot of work (or if you simply prefer to switch to a new formula), opt for breathable, medium to light coverage formulas depending on how much coverage you need. Many foundations, whether powder or liquid, are buildable, allowing you to have as much or as little as you’d like. Some even come with inbuilt skincare: CC and BB creams are always a good option for when the weather starts to warm up.

For eyes, lips and cheeks, the same applies: this is a season where multipurpose products such as lip and cheek tints come into their own - but if you want to go full glam, that’s totally fine too. Spring is the perfect time to give yourself a fresh new look - so check out some beauty editorials, find some trends you like, and try something new.


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