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10 Winter Makeup Tips You Need to Know

10 Winter Makeup Tips You Need to Know

Falling leaves, falling temperatures and cosy knits all indicate a change in seasons - and a change in beauty routine that only means one thing: it’s time for winter makeup again.

Some of us just love the winter - and the opportunity to break out berry-toned lipsticks, metallic eyeshadow pallettes and vampy polishes.

That said: it’s easy to forget that winter is also the season of sparkle - and a change  to your beauty routine might just be the thing to brighten up those grey winter days.

1.  But First, Skincare

It would be convenient to keep using the same skincare routine all year long - but when the cold wind blows, it’s wise to make a few adjustments here and there.

Chilly weather, chapped lips, flaky skin  and sudden changes in temperature (i.e. going from centrally heated spaces out into the cold) can cause even less sensitive skins to freak out - so opt for milder, hydrating formulas that aim to soothe and brighten.

The two items you need to keep hold of year round, regardless of cloud cover - are SPF - and of course, the right amount of water to keep you hydrated inside and out.

2.  Keep it Dewy

Powder formulas have great staying power - but for winter skin, stick to creamy foundations that glide onto the skin without highlighting blemishes or dryness.

Moisturiser is a key ingredient - not just for winter skincare - but for your winter makeup routine: helping you create a smooth, seamless base to work with. Look for formulas with added SPFand brightening ingredients like vitamin C.

Layering a moisture-boosting serum underneath also helps - as does a refreshing facial spritz (these can also help wake up your makeup if it’s beginning to look a little faded).

3.  Change Your Foundation

Winter days can sometimes appear dull - but your skin doesn’t have to be. Use a primer that suits your skin type - whether that’s mattifying or moisturising - to help your foundation stay in place, and when choosing a foundation, go for a hydrating formula a shade lighter than your summertime shade.

If you’re after a more glowy look - consider using a non-matte formula or one with light-reflecting particles. Chilly noses or skins prone to rosacea can be toned down using a colour correcting base or concealer with a green tint to help counteract any redness.

4.  Revive with Blush

Blusher can be a miracle worker for winter skins, waking up the most tired of faces and making you appear bright and breezy (even if it’s 8am and still dark outside).  

Use a colour that works well with your skin tone and dust over the apples of your cheeks for a fresh, cheery look reminiscent of long, brisk walks on a snowy day.

5.  Get Your Glow On

Emulate the warmth of a crackling fireside by creating your own glowy look for your skin: use liquid highlighter to create a soft, dewy sheen - either as part of your contouring routine or mixed in with a little of your foundation for an illuminating look.

Don’t shelve the bronzer just yet, either -  while a full-on tan can look a little strange in the depths of winter (unless you’re jetting off on holiday every week) - a carefully applied wash of bronzer in the right places can create a softly sunny look that’s perfect for the season.

6.  Classic ( And Trending) Eye Looks

Trends may come and go - but some beauty looks were made for the winter. For eyes that sparkle and shine, take advantage of the cooler months by perfecting your eyeliner game: whether that means a classic cat eye or a sultry smoky eye.  As the holiday season approaches, there’s even more licence to go wild with glittery  eyeshadow pallettes and metallic shades to add a bit of glamour and glitz to your beauty routine.

For those looking for something a little more unconventional, new seasons always mean new trends - this year, the glossy lid trend continues (it looks great with a woolly knit), regal, plummy eyeshadows in shades ranging from lilac to aubergine, and liquid liner in all shades of the rainbow.

7.  Brows for Days

The bushy eyebrow trend shows no sign of abating - and it’s probably a good thing too (how else will we keep those snowflakes out of our eyes?). 

For those blessed with luscious natural brows, a simple grooming routine with a brow comb and the odd trim here and there is all you need.

For the more sparsely-browed among us, the soap brow technique followed by a brow pen as used by beauty blogger Alexandra Anele is your surefire root to gorgeous brows. It does take some practice however - so if you’re not quite there yet a brow pencil is your friend.

8.  Lip Service

Although berry lips (and many other colours) are now seen year round - a wine-hued lip is still commonly associated with the winter months.

The best thing about a dark lip is it’s versatility - with a light touch and a little blotting, it doubles up as a lip stain (extra points for using a nourishing lipbalm) - or you could go full-on vamp and create a gothic, dark lip look just in time for the spooky season.

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge’s advice is to start out with a similarly coloured lipliner smudged into the centre of the lips to soften the look up, followed by your chosen lip colour.

9.  Winter Tips

Some beauty mishaps are seasonal: in colder climes, you might find your eyeliner won’t work as well, so warm it up slightly between your hands before using.

For flaky, dry skin, exfoliation helps - but be very careful as harsh methods such a scrubs can be irritating and even damaging to the skin. Opt for very gentle AHA-based peels that help slough off skin without being too harsh.

For rainy days - consider using a waterproof mascara to avoid the dreaded “panda eye” look.

10.      Brighter Days

If you’re really missing the warm weather, a coat of nail polish in the cheeriest colour you can get your hands on, or a slick of ruby lipstick can work wonders - and it’s not just because they look pretty: using brighter colours - whether in your wardrobe or on your nails - can help brighten things up - so if you’re feeling the winter blues, try reaching for a nail colour in a sunny yellow shade or sky blue to help cheer things up until spring rolls around once again.


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