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Makeup For Glasses - Tips For Glasses Wearers

Makeup For Glasses - Tips For Glasses Wearers

We all know the old movie trope - the one where the guy utters something to the effect of: “but Miss Jones, you’re beautiful without your glasses!” (cue eyeroll). If you’re a glasses wearer, you’ll not only know that you’re hot -with or without specs- but  that you also need them for things like driving, reading and not tripping on staircases (what’s up, Laney Boggs?). You’ll also know that, when it comes to enhancing that natural beauty, life isn’t easy for the beautifully bespectacled. Fortunately, we've got all the best tips on how to apply makeup for glasses and -yes- even how to apply eye makeup with glasses - so you can rock those frames with style.

See Things Clearly

One of your first stumbling blocks to makeup magic might not be a staircase, but the ability to actually see what you’re doing. One savvy tip is to keep an old pair of glasses on hand: loosen up the lenses so you can pop them out at a time depending on which eye you’re using - et voila, an easy makeup hack that’s way better than a poke in the eye (ouch!).

Keep It Clean

Not a makeup tip as such - but definitely one to remember if you’re prone to breakouts - is to disinfect your glasses regularly, especially the parts that come into contact with your face where old cosmetics tend to build up.

Ace Your Base

Avoid those pesky red marks and dents left behind by the nose pads and bridge of your frames by keeping coverage around that area light  - the thicker your base, the more noticeable those marks will be, so when applying save your nose for last and lightly blend leftover foundation onto that area. If you need a little more, dot the tiniest amount of concealer on, and blend well.

Slip-sliding Away

Powdering one’s nose is an essential makeup for glasses step, helping to prevent your specs migrating down the bridge of your nose. Another way to prevent this is to get your frames tightened regularly, thereby avoiding the need to keep pushing them back in place.

Bright Eyes

If you have magnifying lenses, it’s likely they’ll also highlight any existing under-eye shadows too - so gently pat on a light-reflecting concealer to brighten the area and help neutralise any shadows.

Draw The Line

If you’ve ever gazed longingly at eye makeup looks and thought “I could never”, don’t worry - we’ve got you. One of the best ways to wear eye makeup with glasses has to be eye liner -whether you’re tightlining between the lash line for a more fluttery effect, or sporting a sassy cat eye (like our favourite glasses-wearing inmate, OITNB’s Alex Vause - there’s even a tutorial for it right here!).

Brow Down

Ah yes, the other “frames” for your face - the eyebrows, which may be more -or less- visible, depending on your style of frame. If you have thicker frames that tend to obscure your brows, they may only require minimal grooming - but if you wear a thinner, more delicate style, you might want to give them some extra attention (beauty vlogger Alexandra Anele always has some great tips). Also remember that if your lenses magnify the eye area, any regrowth will be super-visible - so consider stashing a pair of tweezers in your makeup bag for occasional use.

Co-ordinate Your Look

Again, the thickness of your liner depends on how thick your frames are - so if you have more delicate frames, consider a thinner line - but if you have thicker frames you can go a little bolder. As with the rest of your look, styling your eye makeup to match your frames helps to keep your overall look pulled together, whether it’s cool and understated or gorgeously glam.

Spec-tacular Colour

Another way to play up thicker frames is through the use of bolder colours on the eyes - so if a more artistic, avant garde look is your bag, whip out that eye shadow palette and get creative with an array of rainbow brights and sparkly shades. Who says wearing glasses wasn’t fun?

Get Lippy

Of course, the focus doesn’t necessarily have to be “for your eyes only”: while with a bold eye it’s generally best to keep things neutral in the lip department, you can always swap things around and experiment with a luscious lip: a vampy shade, a shimmery gloss - or even a classic bold red. Just be careful to contrast -rather than clash- your frames with your chosen hue.

Work With Your Lenses

If your lenses tend to magnify the eyes, a smokey eye makeup look (especially in the water line) can help your peepers appear more in proportion. If your lenses have the opposite effect, an eyeshadow in a shimmery, neutral shade can help open them up. Add a little definition with a darker shade in the crease - and consider lining your lower waterline with a nude pencil for that doe-eyed effect.

Have A Flutter

Another way to open up those eyes is to use an eyelash curler - plus, if you happen to possess naturally long lashes (lucky you!), it can help prevent them from pushing against your lenses (if you’re using falsies, stick with shorter, more volumizing styles for the same reason). Here’s how:

  1. Face the mirror and with a steady hand, gently clamp down the curler as close to the eyelid as possible without pinching the lid.
  2. Keep moving the curler out in gentle “bites'' to avoid your eyelashes going straight up.
  3. Never -repeat- never heat up your eyelash curlers with a hairdryer, unless you want to singe them off!

Alternative Curl

Lash curlers are optional (but go easy, as overuse can cause damage). Alternatively, consider using a mascara that adds curl and volume all by itself. There’s a ton of options available, but if your eyes tend to water, consider a waterproof mascara that will stay put - this can also help to avoid any smudges or smears appearing on your lenses.


Another moisture-based problem you’re likely to encounter is the dreaded glasses fog - especially when you’re wearing a mask in winter. While everyone knows the answer to this is not to pull the mask under your nose (which makes wearing one a bit pointless) - a less-commonly known solution is to get an anti-fog treatment for your specs so that you can see clearly - and so that everyone else can see your gorgeous new look.


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