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How To Put On Fake Eyelashes

How To Put On Fake Eyelashes

It’s often hard to quantify the difference a set of fake eyelashes can make to your look if you get it right – after all, everyone loves long radiant lashes. If you’re new to the world of fake lashes, however, it’s always a good idea to take the time to learn the theory before you put it into practice.

In this blog, we’re going to go over the basic regarding how to put on fake eyelashes to really bring out your eyes.


Put your face on first

Before you decide on which style of fake lashes to use, apply your chosen face and eye makeup in the normal fashion, then work out which style of lashes you would prefer to complement your look.

There’s a huge range of fake eyelashes available in many different styles – from natural Bunny style to long Tinker Bell false eyelashes.


Prep your natural lashes

Once you have applied your eyeliner and eyeshadow, use a lash curler to straighten your lashes and keep them separated and uniformed. Finally, add a coat of mascara which help the fake lashes to stay in place once applied – as well as make them pop with some added volume.


Apply the glue

Possibly the most delicate part of the operation, applying glue to your lashes is definitely an undertaking that gets better with practice. It’s best to grasp your false lashes using tweezers to keep them still, and then, using either a cotton bud or a cotton swab to gently add a thin line of glue across the solid strip before leaving it to dry a little for 30 seconds or so until it feels tacky to touch – this will help prevent them from sliding around during application.


While you can buy clear glue, many makeup enthusiasts tend to prefer black glue to help it blend it.


Add your lashes

Hold the corner of the fake eyelash, and slowly press it against your eyelid, slightly above your lash line ensuring not to get any glue caught in your natural lashes to avoid issues when removing your make up later on. Once in position, gently hold them in place for 30 seconds until the glue is set.

Hide and blend

If you are happy with the placement, you can begin to make use eyeliner to hide the fake eyelash strips before adding a final dash of mascara to give a truly natural finish.


…At the end of the night

When it comes to removing the lashes at the end of the evening, simply use a makeup remover that is kind to your skin on a cotton bud and allow it to dissolve the glue – then simply peal off.

We always recommend our customers experiment with different styles of fake eyelashes to gain distinctive looks. However, it’s a good idea not to wear fake eyelashes more than twice before replacing them as the glue and added mascara can often attract bacteria.

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