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How To Apply Bronzer

How To Apply Bronzer

If you’re looking for that sun-kissed tropical glow, it’s hard to go wrong with decent bronzer. However, it’s amazing how often people manage to get the basics wrong. In this blog, we’re going to look at how to apply bronzer like a pro.



The best way to prepare your skin for bronzer is by cleaning your face with a suitable face cleanser. There are three different types of skin in the world of cosmetics: dry; oily; and normal, and these can be cleansed effectively by using cream-based; oil-based; or foaming cleansers respectively. Accompany your cleanser with luke warm water and then rinse before using a face towel to pad dry any remaining water.



Use a moisturiser combined with sunscreen, to help keep your skin look vitalised and healthy beneath your makeup. It is also important to remember to use eye cream to moisturise the areas around the eye.



There’s nothing wrong with covering up a few unexpected blemishes – that’s what concealer is for. Make sure to use a brand and product that matches your skin tone and complexion, and apply. This will act as a base for the rest of your look.



After your concealer has been applied, you need to smoothen out the rest of your face and present you with a liquid foundation, providing you with a blank canvas upon which you can learn how to apply bronzer. While there are numerous styles of foundation available, you can experiment to see which approach brings out the look you’re after.



Find a bronzer shade that is a little darker than your natural skin tone and use a round-headed larger brush to apply it starting with the forehead. Apply the bronzer following the outer sides of your forehead and down alongside your hairline towards your jaw – as if you were drawing a ‘3’. The next stage involves tracing the outline of your cheekbones in an slight upward motion toward your hairline. Finally, use the bronzer to trace the outline of your jaw bone before lightly covering your chin, neck and nose.



Using a blending brush, gently blend the areas of heavier bronzer cover to the lighter areas to ensure a smooth transition in tone and complexion across your face. Any additional visible lines can easily be blended with a translucent powder.


Finishing Touches

Bronzer is often easily complemented by a touch of blush for slightly brighter finish, and you can keep your look locked in through the use of a setting spray to make sure you look stunning throughout the evening.

Similar to the many different looks that people strive for with their palettes, it’s not always easy the first-time round. Luckily, with a little practice and perseverance you’ll soon find the look for you.

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