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How to apply blusher

How to apply blusher

How to apply blusher

If the thought of applying blusher seems scary and daunting please don’t worry! We’re here to help. Blush is a staple step in my makeup routine and will soon be in yours.
With just a tickle of blush in the correct places, you can make your skin look more youthful, complexion healthier and a glow no other product can match.
Blush can be used in all sorts of ways to achieve a new aesthetic t the face, I believe applying blush balances your makeup and brings everything together. In this blog we’re going to teach you how to apply blusher in the best way for your face shape and complexion.

Choose your formula

Picking the right blush formula is curtail to create your desired finish. Now a days there are many different formulations of blush but don’t stress were going to help you pick the perfect formula for your skin type.

Dry skin – We believe a cream or liquid blush is best suited for dry skin types. Cream and liquid formulas are great at melting in to the skin for a seamless finish, keeping the skin looking dewy and youthful. They are super easy to blend out and will work really well with your other cream products. You can also set cream/liquid blushes with a powdered blush to help the staying power and intensity.
Oily Skin - We suggest to stick with a powder formula to avoid adding any unnecessary moister to the skin, any powder products used on the skin help absorb unwanted oils throughout the day. Powder blush is great for gliding over the skin and can be used lightly for a soft finish or can be built for a stronger colour splash.
Normal or Combination skin – If you have normal or combination skin, this is the most common skin type meaning you can use a variety of formulas. Depending on where you place your blush can mean you can use a mix of creams, liquids and powders. I personally have combination skin and I use both cream and powdered formulas. Firstly I go in with my cream, avoiding where I would get oily and I then set with a powder, again avoiding where I get dry. This way I achieve longevity and intensity thought the day.

Pick your shade

Whatever your skin tone, there’s a perfect blush out there for you. While we all like to experiment, there are some basic universal rules that can help you to get started:

•    If you have darker complexion, try using colours such as bright apricot, cranberry, or brick.
•    If you have an olive complexion, consider using colours similar to rose, apricot, or bronze.
•    If you have medium skin, try using colours such as rosewood, cool berries or plum.
•    If you have light skin, you’ll get great results by using colours such as light pinks, peaches and corals.

Decide on your face shape

As wonderful as it would be for all blush applications to be simple – the techniques you employ when learning how to apply blusher are entirely dependent on the shape and contours of your own face:

•    If you have ‘heart’ face, often described as having a narrow chin with prominent cheekbones, you’ll want to apply the blush in a ‘c’ shape from the sides of your temple down along the full length of your cheekbone. This can then be dispersed upwards and inwards for a strong, but subtle look.
•    If you have an ‘oblong’ face, where your jawline, cheekbones and temple are all equal in width, apply your blush in the centre of your check before blending it outwards in a ‘u’ shape towards both your nose and temple.
•    If you have a ‘square’ face with straight sides and a flat jawline, add a subtle amount of blush from between the eyebrows towards the end of your nose, but also aim to cover the brow of the entire cheekbone from end to end.
•    If you have a ‘round’ face with full cheeks or an ‘oval’ face, it’s always a good idea to keep the nose area free of blush, and instead focus on the centre of your cheeks blending in two separate directions towards your earlobes and temple.

How to apply your blusher

A common mistake when applying your blush is using the wrong tools, this can make a big difference to your final look.

If you’re using a cream blush, then you’ll always get the best result by using a damp beauty sponge or simply using your fingers.

If, however, you’re using a powder blush, your brush should be dense yet soft with either natural or vegan hair, this type of brush will easily be able to diffuse the colour.

Before you apply your blush, make sure you follow your usual routine by applying your base. This gives your blush a surface to hang-on to and helps your make-up to last longer without needing touch ups.

Obviously, when you’re learning how to apply blusher, the above rules are a great place to start, but the more you experiment, the better the result - so don’t be afraid to try a new and original approach - it may well lead you to that perfect look you’ve been dreaming about!

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