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10 Makeup Tips For A Natural Look

10 Makeup Tips For A Natural Look

“No-makeup-makeup” might sound confusing - but in reality it makes perfect sense. While there’s a time and a place for all-out glam, it’s not always convenient - and while there’s nothing wrong with stepping out of the house completely bare-faced, sometimes you want to elevate your look a little.

There are plenty of natural makeup ideas to choose from to help you achieve that fresh-faced “off-duty model” look. Here, we’ve compiled some of the best natural makeup tips to allow your natural radiance to shine through.

1.  Skin

While you can always fake a healthy glow, it helps to ensure that your bare skin is at its best. Identify your skin type and choose products that will benefit your skin, whether that’s a moisturiser to help lock in hydration, or a serum to soothe and smooth acne-prone skin - and of course - don’t forget to hydrate and nourish from within.

2.  Base

When we think of natural makeup tips, we tend to imagine using a tinted moisturiser or BB cream - but for those with skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, sometimes a little more coverage is required.

For added skin nourishment, CC creams can be useful. For full coverage, choose a foundation with light reflecting particles to add a dewy glow - or combine your existing base with a few drops of highlighter.

3.  Application

If using primer, use a smart formula with added skincare benefits, dotting onto your T-zone and blending out using your fingertips. When concealing,  be strategic - adding only what you need.

For a natural, seamless finish that melts into the skin, dot foundation on before rubbing your (clean) hands together to warm them and blending outwards.This tried and tested method helps provide a “your skin, but better” look.

4.  Blush

You want to aim for a fresh, healthy flush to the cheeks - as though you’ve just stepped in from a brisk walk. Choose an easy-to-blend cream blusher and blend upwards across the apples of your cheeks, adding a little to the nose. Finish with  a light sweep of bronzer along the outer edges of your face and just below the cheekbones as subtle contour.

5.  Bronzer

If you prefer to add a little more warmth to your face, focus your bronzer on the areas the sun would naturally hit. As well as your cheeks, this might include the top of your forehead, your chin and the tip of your nose. Be sparing and build colour as you go to help create a naturally sunkissed look.

For added glow, strategically-placed highlighter can work wonders - but there’s no need to go overboard: if you’re unsure about placement, your cheekbones, browbones and cupid’s bow are the perfect places to add a subtle touch of shimmer.

6.  Brows

As with the rest of this look, use a light touch.Too heavy-handed, and your brows could look too harsh and sculpted. Instead, map out your brows using this method and use two colours: a lighter shade of brow powder or pencil to fill out any sparse areas - and a brow pen in a darker shade to help add definition.

Brush the start to midsection of your brows up and out - the tails of your brows can remain relatively straight. Use a fixative such as a brow gel, pomade - or even a clear glycerine soap mixed with a little water - to hold everything in place.

Once this is dry (press with your fingers to make sure the hairs don’t fall back into their original position), you can add your colour. Fill any bare areas with your lighter colour - then go in with your brow pen, angling it straight towards your face to get the finest line. If your hands are a little unsteady, you can always rest your elbows on your counter or table.

7.  Eyes

One way to add soft definition to your eyes is to use a neutral mono shade swept across the lids and pair it with a brown eyeliner (tightlining is perfect for this look as it creates the illusion of fuller lashes without looking too OTT).

Alternatively, you can adapt your smokey eye makeup look for daytime by creating a diffused C shape using a cream contour along the socketline, before setting with a light-medium neutral shade. Follow by blending a darker shade over the top and along the upper and lower lash line for a soft, smouldering look.

8.  Lashes

Once upon a time, all that was required for a natural eye makeup look was a coat of clear mascara - but unless you were genetically blessed with Bambi-esque lashes, this had little impact. Thankfully, since then natural eye makeup looks have evolved.

Step away from the black mascara and false lashes: brown mascara will give a softer finish with all the lengthening and volumizing qualities of your usual product. Curl your lashes if necessary and apply mascara, zig-zagging the brush into the roots and down the lengths to produce a flawless, fanned-out effect.

9.  Lips

To create the perfect canvas for your lips, exfoliate carefully (AHAs are a good, non-abrasive option) and follow with a balm.

For colour, you can use a tinted lip balm or stain - or for a little more definition, choose a lip liner a shade or two darker than your own lip colour to line and diffuse the colour inwards using a fine brush. Finish with your favourite nude lipstick, blot and add a soft sheen on top using a lip gloss, oil or balm.

10.  Setting

To hold everything in place, you can either use a setting spray or - if your skin tends to become oily, dust with translucent powder instead (oilier skins tend to break down the formulas of most setting sprays). As with the rest of the look, take a softly-softly approach using a minimal amount of product.

And there you have it: natural makeup ideas for a low-key glow. A final tip for those looking to go from day to night in a flash is to add a statement lip: the contrast between minimal makeup and a poppin’ red pout looks gorgeous (and a little Gallic, if you like a Parisian-inspired look). Et Voila!




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