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How to Wear Lip Gloss Under A Face Mask Without It Smudging

How to Wear Lip Gloss Under A Face Mask Without It Smudging

Who would have thought it? Imagine casting your mind back to before the pandemic and the time you spent your hard-earned money on new makeup for all of the social events you had planned. Flash-forward a year, and your new makeup is still in its box and the makeup we wear is constantly hidden under a mask. Phenomenal!

As we all know, masks can be prone to smudging and ruining our makeup, especially lip gloss. So, how do you wear lip gloss under your face mask without it smudging or wearing away?

Line Your Face Covering

    The majority of lip gloss smudges occur as a result of the texture of the material on the inside of the mask. By lining your mask with a more closely woven and smoother material such as silk (natural or synthetic), there will be less rubbing, and therefore less smudging.

    Enjoy Matt Lipsticks

      Matt lipstick is much less likely to rub off than glossy lipstick. The reason for this is because matt lipsticks have fewer emollient ingredients in its formula, preventing it from being slippy. However, you can always help it to stay-put a little better by making sure that you blot off any excess.

      Prepare Your Lips

        As we all know, makeup will also adhere better to the lip skin when it is moisturised with a decent quality lip balm. Priming your lips with lip balm, and then applying your lipstick and lip gloss with a finger directly, will make sure that there is minimal excess applied. Helping it to last longer and feel smoother.

        Line Your Lips

          To prevent your lip gloss from being smudged, you can also use a lip liner, or pencil to create a new invisible barrier between your lips and the rest of your face, while also defining the edges of your smile in an uplifting fashion.

          Use a Setting Spray

            A setting spray is a quick and easy way to keep your lips looking their best. By gently spraying your lips once all your makeup is applied, you not only lock in your look for the entire day, but it also absorbs all the oils, which are usually the reason for make-up slipping.

            Give It Staying Power

              Once you have applied your lipstick and lip gloss, you can prevent it from transferring onto the inside of your mask by dusting the surface of your gloss ever so slightly with powder. This helps to dry the surface somewhat, without making it feel uncomfortable.

              Carry A Little Foundation

                Most individuals who wear makeup throughout the day will always carry a little foundation or concealer with them, and this is great as it can help you to fix any minor issues whilst you’re out and about. If you have found that your lipstick and gloss has accidently smudged, applying a little foundation with your finger around your lips can help them to look more defined and crisper.

                Buy Quick-Dry Makeup

                  If, like many of us, you struggle to get out of bed in the morning before you go to work, a set of quick-dry makeup including lip gloss and lipstick is a godsend – and the best part is that it is pretty much smudge proof as well. Once applied, it is extremely unlikely to rub off on the inside of your mask and can only be removed with an oil-based remover.

                  Wash Your Mask Daily

                      As many people need to continue working during the pandemic, this means that they are wearing their mask for the majority of the day – and dead skin, saliva, and make-up will eventually build up. This means that every time you put your mask on, you are covering your face and mouth with bacteria, which can lead to outbreaks of spots. In order to prevent this from happening you can regularly soak your mask in anti-bacterial soap and warm water before rinsing it and letting it dry. Alternatively you can buy disposable masks, which you can simply throw away and replace after every use.

                      There are many different ways to keep your lipstick or lip gloss in place while wearing a mask, but as many of us are barely leaving the house, there’s little reason to feel guilty when we go out without our full complement of makeup – especially when we get to hide it behind a face covering!

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