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5 Care Tips for Fake Eyelashes

5 Care Tips for Fake Eyelashes

If you’re a big fan of how fake lashes make your eyes look, it’s very important to take care of them so they look their best every day – and especially on nights out.

A synthetic pair of fake eyelashes can be re-used several times before they degrade too much to wear. However, fake lashes made from human and animal hair can last for up to twenty uses.

Wash Them Regularly

Fake eyelashes can easily collect dust, dead skin as well as natural skin oils and sweat. It’s therefore very important to keep them hygienic and avoid those dreaded lash mites which can appear when you fail to remove them.

To clean your fake eyelashes, slowly peel them away from your eyelid so as not to rip or ruin them, and using a cotton bud dipped in your makeup remover of choice, gently glide it along the lash strip to remove any residual glue.

Good quality lashes will come with a storage case to prevent them from getting crushed in between uses, so make sure you store them away in a safe place.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

As you’re no doubt aware, many make up products contain oils. Over the last twenty years or so, oil-free products have gained a huge following due to their compatibility with cosmetics ventures such as fake eyelashes. Products that contain oil can easily cause a build-up of grease, which in turn can wear away the adhesive used to attach the fake eyelashes. By using oil-free products, your lashes should remain attached and stay usable for longer than expected.

Try To Avoid Mascara

While you can wear mascara, the idea of fake extensions are to remove the need for mascara. If, however, you feel that your extensions could be improved a little with a thin layer, you can. It is important, however, to make sure that the mascara you use is water-based, not oil-based to avoid the degradation of the eyelash adhesive.

Another interesting point is that fake lashes are known to actually strengthen your natural lashes, whereas mascara has been known to damage them. By using fake lashes, you can actually improve your natural look every day.

Never Share Your Lashes

If you’re one of those generous souls who is happy to share their makeup and outfits with close friends for a night out, you may be tempted to lend them your fake lashes – but don’t. All different people have different levels of oiliness in their skin, and this can affect the fake lashes’ ability to attach correctly and stay attached. And of course, if your friend has an eye issue such as an infection, if the lashes are not cleaned correctly you may find yourself suffering from the same condition.

We understand the value of looking good, but all good things require a little work. So next time you get your extensions done, take a few minutes extra every day to make sure they look their best.

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