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12 Date Night Makeup Tips for Every Occasion

12 Date Night Makeup Tips for Every Occasion

As the world of dating changes, so has our approach to date night makeup - from emphasis on eyeshadow, to video call-ready contouring.  As the world tentatively unlocks, socially distanced dating continues amid the return of clubs, pubs and candlelit dinners for two.  Wherever you’re headed, here are 12 date night makeup tips to help you put your best face forward.

1. The Return of the Date Night Beauty Ritual

Whether you’re new to dating, rekindling an old flame or getting back in the game, dates can feel equally nerve wracking and exciting - so take some time a couple of hours ahead to put on some music, meditate - whatever makes you feel calm and happy. While makeup can help towards boosting your mojo, true confidence comes from within - so show yourself some love!

2. First, Base

Choose a longwear primer and opt for a foundation that matches your skintone - ideally something light but durable - like a CC cream (one with added SPF where possible). The point of date night makeup is not to overdo it - so for a natural finish, follow beauty writer Sable Yong’s advice and apply your foundation with warm, clean hands before blending outwards and follow up with a tiny dab of concealer to disguise unwanted blemishes.

3. Blushing Beauty

Cottage core was made for daytime dates - think picnics, park walks and afternoons spent strolling in the countryside. Opt for a cheek stain in soft pink to give you that “just been frolicking in a meadow” look - and don a floral print dress. Avoid going full Little House on the Prairie by balancing things out with a pair of sturdy boots and a soft smokey eye. Lastly, fix everything in place with a dewy setting spray.

4. Instant Glow-Up

Even if you’re nowhere near candlelight, highlighter can add subtle sparkle to your look. For deep skin tones, go for gold (or copper, or bronze), but avoid shimmery iridescence - this can look dull. The same applies to medium skin tones - who look best in peach or gold, while fair skins suit pinky tones like rose gold - but should avoid gold or copper as this can look harsh and unnatural. Placement really depends on your particular face shape - but for those new to the product, the tiniest amount applied to your cupid’s bow (how romantic) looks lovely.

5. Water you up to?

Whether it’s a game of tennis, a trip to the beach or an unexpected rain shower, date night looks require smudge-free makeup - so look for waterproof formulas that result in less time reapplying and more time having fun.

6. Reel Romance

If that rule about men` `preferring the natural look” makes you want to smash up your nude eyeshadow palette (please don’t!) - you’re not alone. Firstly: who’s to say you’re dating a dude? Secondly - who’s to say you can’t have fun with your look? Movie dates are the perfect opportunity to be inspired by your favourite onscreen stars - but unless you’re actually going to a cosplay event, the key is to keep it subtle: think Uma Thurman’s dark red nails in Pulp Fiction, Patricia Arquette’s sparkly blue eyeshadow in True Romance - or, for a nod to old fashioned Hollywood glamour, there’s always a classic red lip.

7. On-Screen Beauty

From the silver screen - to a different kind:  with Zoom dates still very much a thing, it’s important to remember the following: keep the camera level with your face to avoid “multiple chins'' and do a test run beforehand to adjust lighting. Video calls can also wash out complexions -so add a little bronzer for warmth.  Finally, our hero the red lipstick works brilliantly on camera: choose one that works with your skintone, and if you want your teeth to look whiter - try one with blue, rather than orangey undertones.

8. Smokin’ Hot

A smokey eye  is a classic date night  look - and it’s undisputed queen (well, she did invent it) is makeup artist Linda Cantello.  Her advice is to go with your natural eyeshape and apply pencil eyeliner close to the lash line, adjusting the shape to suit before softening it up with a dark eyeshadow. This can also be adapted for daytime - just switch out powder for a pencil, cream or liquid and opt for softer alternative colours to black eyeliner, like navy or grey. Curl the lashes and top with mascara to complete the look.

9. Flirty Eyes

If you’re not into a smoky eye, consider colours that bring out the natural sparkle of your own peepers. For green eyes, use a shimmery brown or muted purple. Blue eyes suit soft pink shades, like rose gold -while brown eyes look stunning with bold, pigmented hues like plum or silver. Play up steely grey eyes in contrasting shades of pewter - and if you have hazel eyes, go for metallics and pastels to bring out that lovely sparkle.

10. Lush Lips

While kissing might not be on the menu for you (yet!) - a perfectly-prepped, well-applied lip can make all the difference.  Dark, vampy lips normally work best on a video call or evening date - but they can also work for daytime (think pretty-grunge).  For something a little more low maintenance, opt for a just-bitten tint topped with your favourite lip balm.

11. Get Set

Finish with a good setting spray : a matte finish works especially well for video dates. A time-honoured makeup artist tip is to use it right at the start of your routine (before your base), then dust with a fine veil of powder to ensure your foundation stays put.

12. Be Yourself

No matter how long you’ve been together, date night is about bringing your best self to the table (or picnic blanket, or park bench...). While makeup can help with this - it’s really just the finishing touch to what makes you truly sparkle - whether that’s a kind heart, a silly sense of humour - or the confidence to “get out there” - wherever that might be.


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