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How To Use Different Types of Eyeshadow Brushes

How To Use Different Types of Eyeshadow Brushes

Applying makeup is always a delicate matter, especially when it comes to focal points such as the eyes. To help increase your accuracy and aid your artistic ability it’s worth investing in a range of eyeshadow brushes. But what is each brush for? And how do you use them effectively?

Blending Brush

As applying eyeshadow is all about creating layers of complementary colours and then combining them, you need a brush that blends the transitions seamlessly. The blending brush is also great for experimenting which colours work together.

Stamp Brush

If you need to transfer large amounts of product from your eyeshadow palette to your eyelids, then you need a brush that has tightly packed bristles. This brush is fantastic for adding heavy splashes of colour, glitter and adding a bit of intensity to your look.

Contour Brush

As the name suggests, the contour eyeshadow brush has an angled edge that grants you the ability to create mystical shadows across the socket line and edges of your eyes. The slightly fanned bristles help to ensure that it blends well, but make sure you keep this brush in good condition as loose bristles can ruin your application.

Smudge Brush

If you’re the kind of person who loves the smoky eye look, then a smudge brush is a necessity in your makeup up kit. This brush not only helps you to precisely blend in your tones at the crease, but can also be used to apply shadow to the lower lash line and to smudge out eyeliner if you want that extra bold look.

Base Brush

This wide brush has many tightly packed bristles that help to really lay down the base coat of your eyeshadow makeup. When you’re choosing your dominant shade this brush will enable you to transfer large amounts of product on to your eyelid with minimum effort and eyeshadow fall out beneath your eyes.

Crease Brush

A crease brush is a more precise and dense brush that is perfect for both defining and contouring your look by making it easier to apply shades to the crease of your eyelid, thanks to its curved bristles. Available in a range of sizes and fibres, this brush can be used to create either a soft-focus or a sharp, exact look.

Mini Crease Brush

If you are planning to get extra technical with your application, you need a brush that helps you get the miniature details correct – and that’s where the mini crease brush comes in handy. With its narrow head, this brush can help you create more delicate features in smaller areas, but is also fantastic for adding a bit of tone to the lower lash line.

While there are many different variations of brushes, the key concepts for each remain the same. Eyeshadow brushes must be kept clean to make them last as long as possible and stored in a way that protects its bristles.

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