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Buyers Guide To Makeup Brushes

Buyers Guide To Makeup Brushes

No matter the price of your makeup, the tools you apply with are what are most important to achieve a flawless look. That’s why it’s important to buy makeup brushes that help you to get the look you want. In this buyer’s guide, we’re going to look at the most important types of brushes, how they’re used and how to take care of them.


Universal Rules For Makeup Brushes

If you’ve bought yourself some makeup brushes that you love, it’s fair to say that you’ll want to take good care of them. To keep them in the best condition, we advise you follow these simple rules:

Clean Weekly

Every week, you should use a mild or baby shampoo in a container and swirl your brushes around, using your fingers to rid them of any leftover oils or residual makeup. Rinse the brushes with clean, fresh water and squeeze the residual water out before laying them flat to dry.

Check For Allergies

For the majority of people, brushes that have bristles make from natural hair, such as animal hair are absolutely fine. However, if you are allergic, you should only purchase brushes with synthetic bristles.

Don’t Go Crazy With Price

    Some people will spend a huge amount on a makeup brush, only to find it’s not necessary for the look they want. The best idea is to buy well reviewed kit or travel makeup brush set, or well-reviewed individual brushes and whichever ones start to wear out first are clearly more important, and you can replace them with a more expensive one.

    Different Types Of Brushes

    Foundation Brush

    A soft foundation brush is perfect for applying cream and powder foundations over a large area thanks to its tapered edges and flexible bristles. This brush helps to provide a smooth, flawless finish that serves as the base for your look.

    Eyeshadow Brush

    When you are applying eyeshadow, you will want to make sure that you can delicately apply just the right amount to the lid. These brushes usually have flattened bristles that can help you deliver a range of looks once all the colours are blended in.

    Blending Brush

    Once you have applied your chosen eyeshadow colours, these colours will need to be blended together somehow. This is why we use blending brushes. With slightly longer bristles that are less tightly packed, this brush is perfect for buffing your eyeshadow in.

    Eyeliner Brush

    Available with both an angled tip and a thin precise tip, these brushes are phenomenal for applying powder, gel or liquid eyeliners. They can be used either dry or damp depending on your preference.

    Blush Brush

      Often smaller in size than a powder brush, a blush brush has a round-ended dome-like set of extremely soft bristles that allow you to add a bit of colour to your cheeks to really make them pop.

      Concealer Brush

      As the name suggests, the concealer brush is all about precise application of makeup and can be used in areas that bigger brushes fail to reach. They are also excellent for smoothing under the eyes and over covering up any unwelcome blemishes.

      Crease Brush

        If you’re really into those artistic eyeshadow approaches, you will always need a crease brush in your make up set. A crease brush is typically contoured to the curve of your eyelid but will often have a pointed tip to allow for extra precision when you paint the crease in the lid.

        Contouring Brush

          Contouring brushes are usually larger than most brushes with an angled top, although they are quite often substituted for powder brushes due to their similarities. These brushes allow you follow the natural cheekbone line and enhance the bone structure in your face.

          Kabuki Brush

            Kabuki brushes originated in Japan hundreds of years ago, and were used by geishas to apply white makeup across the entire face. The brush itself has a short handle, and a large, rounded densely bristled head that make applying powder an absolute breeze.

            Lip Brush

              While many people are happy to apply lipstick straight from the tube, you can easily increase your accuracy by using a lip brush. You can also use a lip brush to build colour, which is impossible if you are applying from the tube.

              Powder Brush

                There are different types of powder brush, but the most popular form is a brush with a sculpted end that offers light, fluffy bristles that aren’t as densely pack as a foundation brush, and these can really help you bring your complexion shine.

                Pencil Brush

                  As the name suggests, the pencil brush is a fine elegant, narrow headed brush. These brushes are rarely used but can offer a look that really makes them worthwhile. They can be used for highlighting, creating smoky lash lines or simply to add definition wherever necessary.

                  Bronzer Brush

                    A bronzer brush is similar to a contour brush, but is more effective at adding all-over dimension to your face, such as on the jawline or cheekbones. These brushes are extremely soft with loosely packed bristles that make application nice and easy.

                    Stippling Brush

                      If you’re prone to breakouts now and again, a stippling brush can be your best friend, allowing you to work your foundation and concealer over any blemishes or spots without issue.


                      In Conclusion

                      While there are numerous other brushes that are built for individual application tasks such as mermaid brushes, most of these tasks can be accomplished using one of the above brushes – and unless you are a professional makeup artist, it’s very likely that you will ever need them.

                      If you buy makeup brushes with animal hair, you should always make sure that they are ‘cruelty free’ and are responsibly sourced. The same is true for the product you apply. At LaRoc, all of our cosmetics and brushes are cruelty free.

                      Looking for the best makeup brushes on the net? With competitive prices and same day dispatch services available, LaRoc’s fast, friendly service is dedicated to inspire you with our great selection of eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes and face makeup.


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